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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  November 2, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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giants win the first world series since the franchise moved to san francisco in 1958. man, question is, can you imagine how much pro proposition 19 celebratory weed smoking is going on there right now? it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie geist. >> this is "way too early" the show that displayed its solly dairy with california's pass prop 19 moment a few minutes ago in the green room. i'm glad you're watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. shoot me an e-mail and let me know why you're awake. or do what timmy lincecum and mitch cramer do, and text the word awake followed by 622639. we'll read the best responses as we always do later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this election day, tuesday november 2nd. lot going on today, obviously, including sarah palin upping the ante in her attack on our
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friends at politico. there are now accusations of puppy kicking. seriously. and yes, the san francisco giants are world series champions. it was a great pitcher's duel for seven innings in game five until the rangers ace cliff lee made one mistake to edgar renteria with two giants on base. renteria's home run gave san francisco all the runs it would need. giants closer brian wilson came on in relief of tim lunscom who was almost the untouchable for eight innings. wilson getting the final three outs. the giants franchise wins its first world series since 1954. we will have full highlights a little later in the show. let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. it is election day and democrats are bracing for big losses that could give republicans control of at least one chamber of congress today. here's a state by state look at the final polling in seven key senate races we've chosen for you. up in washington state, a public
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policy poll shows patty murray trailing republican challenger dino rossi by two percentage points, within the margin of error. a dead heat in washington. in illinois the same poll shows mark kirk leading alexigianioulia. one percentage point ahead of harry reid, statistically insignificant, also in a dead heat. a quinnipiac poll has former congressman pat toomey with a five-point lead over joe sus tack in a big race in pennsylvania and colorado, ppp has incumbent michael bennett and tea party backed republican ken buck in a virtual tie. west virginia, democratic governor joe manchin five percentage points ahead of republican john raese according to ppp polling. and california's senator barbara boxer is slim advantage over
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republican carly fiorina, 50-46 out in the golden state. to take control of the senate republicans need to gain ten additional seats. a lot view that as a long shot. things would have to go completely their way for that to take place. to gain a 218 vote majority in the house, republicans need to pick up an additional 39 seats there. a scenario most analysts expect to happen today. that sentiment is reflected in a gallup poll conducted barely a week before the mid-term elections. 49% of those polled say the issue of which party controls congress matters actually a great deal to them. but breaking it down by party, the figure rises to 70% among tea party supporters, 67% among republicans, and 63% among conservatives. much lower 53% democrats say control of congress is an important issue for them. this speaks to that enthusiasm gap you've heard about over the
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last few weeks. however, democrats insist that one factor matters more than polls today and that is turnout. here is house majority whip jim clyburn in a radio interview yesterday. >> if you were to believe what the polls are saying about those who are likely to vote, then it's going to be something close to a bloodbath for democrats. we'll lose the house and lose big. if you then were to extrapolate from registered voters, because there have been some polling of registered voters, democrats are the preference by two points. so, if you look at this, you say, well, it hangs on who turns out at the polls on tomorrow.
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>> although president obama is not on the ballot today, republican mississippi governor haley barbour insists his policies are. >> this election more than any mid-term election i can remember is a referendum on the president's policies. american people don't like those policies, they don't like the outrageous spending, they don't like the skyrocketing deficits, they don't like the trillions of dollars of debt to spend, pile up on our children and grandchildren and don't like the tax increase that's around the corner in january that the democrat congress wouldn't even vote on before they went home. so, if he wants this to be a race about public policy, more than anyone than i can ever remember in a mid-term election. >> a final look at charlie cook political report predictions has republicans netting 50 to 60 seats in the house today, enough for a majority, six to eight seats in the senate would not be enough for control, and the gop may gain six to eight additional
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governor seats according to charlie cook. republicans are well positioned this morning to pick up those governor seats with potentially far reaching effects on wide-ranging issues like the implementation of the new health care law and congressional redistricting. right now democrats hold 26 governorships, republicans hold 24. but the balance appears likely to shift with republicans holding the upper hand in many of this year's 37 races, including those in crucial political battle grounds. nbc predicts republicans will hold 21 states with 8 being toss ups, including tough fights in minnesota, ohio, and oregon among others. and although much of the focus has been on republican efforts to win control of congress, a wave of republican victories in the governor's races could have just as significant and potentially longer lasting implications. president obama is walking back some remarks he made last month when he called on latino voters to punish their, quote, enemies on election day. the president's original comments came during an
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interview with a hispanic personality where he said, quote, if la it tinos sit out the election instead of saying we're going to punish our enemies and reward our friends on the issues important to us, if they don't see that upsurge in voting in this election it's going to be harder. in a radio interview yesterday the president said he should have found a different word to use in that conversation. >> i just also say, if you're going to punish somebody punish your enemies and i should have used the word opponent instead of enemies. republicans are saying i'm calling them enemies. you're an opponent of this particular provision, comprehensive immigration reform, which is something very different. >> speaking of radio interviews, the president going to sit down with ryan seacrest today trying to get the youngsters, as i like to call them, out to vote. yesterday republicans including house minority leader john boehner quick to pounce on the president's enemies remarks and paint the president as a partisan. >> the other kday the president
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was giving his interview and said those people who disagree with me are our enemies. he actually used that word "our enemies." the president of the united states, using that word to describe fellow citizens. well, mr. president, i have a word to describe those people, those people who have the audacity to speak up against the big government, the people who have the au disdastty to support our constitution. mr. president that word isn't enemies they're patriots. >> a lot more on today's races coming up in just a moment. just to give you an idea of what it feels like out there today, the front page of the "washington post" saying democrats racing for losses. we'll see how big those losses are and talk about that throughout the show and ahead on "morning joe." former alaska governor sarah palin is again slamming politico with an e-mail to the website the daily caller. responding to an article by
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reporters mike allen and jim vandehei our friends here that cited anonymous republican concerns about her possible 2012 presidential candidacy. she said this to the daily caller, quote, i suppose i could play their immature unprofessional waste of time game too by claiming these reporters and politicos are homo phobe, child molesting, tax evading, puppy kicking chain smoking porn producers. really they are. i've seen it myself. but i'll give you the information off the record. on deep, deep background. attribute these, quote, facts to anonymous source and i'll give you more. she was making up those details as a device to show what it's like to use anonymous shorts. vandehei hit back saying none of the republicans would speak on the record for obvious reasons they fear the backlash from palin and her passionate supporters across the country. palin went on to criticize the so-called republican establishment. >> the establishment, bosses and
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advisers that try to shape a candidate and they get paid to shape that candidate and that campaign, it's very, very sleazy. some within the establishment don't like the fact that i won't back down to a good old boys club. i've taken them on for 20 years in my professional life, my political life, and i've cleaned up corruption and done what the people who have hired me have asked me to do the voters, and i would continue to do that. maybe that makes some folks a little bit uncomfortable. >> sarah palin addressing criticism she got from karl rove among others this week. palin added this saying, quote, a lot of this has to do with control, power, money, and that is not good. other news, yemen says it has launched a search for a suspected saudi bomb maker said to be the key suspect in last week's thwarted plot to blow up u.s. bound cargo planes. the operation as intelligence officials say they intercepted three suspicious packages in september. they now believe were sent to the u.s. as a dry run for last
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week's failed bomb plot. those shipments also mailed to destinations in chicago appeared to have been sent by the yemeni military group al qaeda in the arabian peninsula to test logistics in the american cargo system. american authorities seized and searched the boxes which contained papers, books and other materials, but no explosives. still ahead here on "way too early" -- for the first time in 56 years, in the first time since the franchise moved from san francisco -- from new york to san francisco, the giants are world series champs. we'll show you how little timmy lincecum led his team to the title. highlights ahead. will ferrell, on justin bieber. the other day we showed you ferrell's emotional tribute to celine dion. today he talks about his evening out with bieber. that story, a check on weather and much, much more on election day 2010, when "way too early" comes right back.
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>> regardless of the fact that you expected this to come, whenever it does come, there's a little shock, a little something there you can't quite anticipate, don't you think? we're talking, of course, ability what this says, governor thomas dewy, today conceded the presidential election to president truman under new york date line. ♪
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let's first take some of the toss up states as we look at pennsylvania today, it's a cold start to the day but overall it's going to be sunny. pretty from philly to scranton to erie to pittsburgh. not bad there. the state of illinois looks nice from chicago down to st. louis. temperatures will be in the 50s, near 60 degrees. as we head further west, colorado will be interesting. temperatures there are going to be in the 50s and 60s and sunshine. we have a lot of great weather out there today. pretty much from coast to coast. as we head even a little further to the north this is where it gets a little interesting. the interesting race in alaska, three-way race including a write-in candidate. rain in juno, anchorage will see snow, one to two inches, and then it will clear up this afternoon. those are the two biggest cities there. the other spot with heavy rain, from houston to louisiana. overall a lot of the toss up states you been talking about the weather looks fine. >> bill karins, thanks so much. to sports, san francisco giants looking to win their first world series since 1954 when they were back in new york and brought their ace tim
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lincecum to the mound to do that. lincecum looking sharp all night long. here in the bottom of the third, striking out the side. first david merts and benji molino, andrews. lincecum went eight innings, was brilliant, finished with ten strikeouts, made only one mistake giving up a solo home run to cliff l run. cliff lee gave up this mistake with two men on two outs, edgar renteria, three-run home run gives the giants a 3-0 lead. renteria was the he rofts '97 world series with the marlins. bottom of the ninth, closer brian wilson strikes out nelson cruz to end the game. giants win the game 3-1. they win the series in five games. as we said, the first title for that franchise since 1954. renteria earns world series mvp honors. let's go inside the locker room. >> you got to fear this team because they're capable of doing what we did, shut down one of
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the best teams in all of baseball. >> cody! that's right, cody! >> how does that feel? >> it doesn't get old. it doesn't get old. >> it was a long night of celebration in the streets of san francisco. this was the scene outside the ballpark there. you can just imagine a great city, waiting that long, what kind of party. it's probably still going on. congratulations to the giants and to the city of san francisco. a little nfl news, the randy moss experiment, is officially over in minnesota. the vikings waved the pro bowl receiver just four games after a big trade with the patriots that cost minnesota a third round draft pick. the decision follows a bizarre postgame news conference we showed you yesterday where moss announced he would no longer take questions from the media. he also criticized the vikings coaching staff for not following his advice on how to beat new
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england. they said bye-bye, thanks for everything, randy. monday night football in indianapolis, a big division game, colts looking to get even with the texans after the week one loss in houston. second quarter, colts defense, getting it done, picking off matt shaw returning for a 25-yard touchdown, 14-0 colts. peyton manning threw a couple touchdowns including one in the third quarter to reggie wayne. colts go on to win 30-17. they are now in first place in the afc east. great story here, as if being buried under ground 69 days wasn't a big enough challenge not one of the trapped chilean miners, no longer trapped thank goodness, planning to run in sunday's new york city marathon. while trapped in the mine 33-year-old edison pena apparently spent a good chunk ""
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players from both parties, including chairman of the republican
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. . plan to vote in today's mid-term elections and i hope you do, here's a little advice. get to the polls early. study shows you could have company at the voting booth. if you want to sound smart today a record 90 million people expected to cast ballots in the 2010 mid-term elections according to an estimate from george mason university where researchers base that figure on early voting data as well as trends and individual states.
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the current midterm record 86 million people was set in 2006. enough of the real news, huddle around the water cooler to talk about this all-important election day. candidates have made their cases and now it's in the hands of the voter. one candidate making a strong closing argument. kristen davis running for governor in the state of new york, although polls don't look good for her, for anyone running against andrew cuomo, she just might siphon off a few votes with this ad. >> hi. i'm kristen davis, independent candidate for governor. it's outrageous that new york has not legalized same-sex marriage. andrew cuomo says he supports it, but when the marriage equ equality bill was before the senate he was asked to call three undecided democratic senators and declined. a vote for me sends a strong message to cuomo, we demand gay marriage now. in other words, vote how mo, not cuomo. >> there it is vote homo, not
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cuomo. cuomo has a 25-point lead but she could creep up with that ad. speaking of may dams news about charlie sheen, his unfortunate evening at the plaza in new york city where he allegedly took some products, allergic reaction to stuff, allegedly was with a hard core porn star, allegedly his ex-wife and daughters sleeping across the hallway. now his current wife, not on the scene, was back in california filing for divorce. it's mutual. charlie filing as well. they got married in may 2008. they have twins together. but i guess that one drug fueled hard core porn romp at the plaza hotel and room trashing came between those two crazy kids. last week we brought you will ferrell doing celine dion with david letterman. he's back on the talk show circuit promoting his new movie and talking to jimmy kimmel last night about what it's like to be at your own movie premiere and be upstaged by one of the guests, a 16-year-old punk named justin bieber. >> what's going on here?
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>> me and jbeebs. very popular as i found out when i'm doing the red carpet and -- >> was there a comsnoegs. >> like from will will, look right here, to just -- justin, justin! justin! justin! justin! justin just look at me! and i'm just -- i'm just standing there. i'm like -- i'm actually in the movie. he's -- he's not. >> bieber did that to me. his book came out the same day as mine. we're going to get that kid. still ahead on "way too early" why are you awake? "morning joe" just moments away. sure i'd like to diversify my workforce, i just wish that all of the important information was gathered together in one place. [ printer whirs ] done. ♪
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number one story on right now on this election day, of course, is u.n. investigator migrants suffer worst racism. didn't see that one coming. the top of the show what you're doing awake at this hour. our producer rob gifford has answers. >> jacob says i'm awake because


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